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Developer - L2

Company: Wipro Technologies

Location: Karnataka - India


About this job
Roles and Responsibilities: RPGLE, DB2- 400, OS- 400, CLLE Skill & Job Requirements: - - >DB2- 400( L1) - Basic Knowledge of DB2/ 400. Basic Syntax Knowledge on RDBMS and other filesystems Definition and creation of PF's, LF's, DSPF's and PRTF's Access path, ODP, Journal and journal receivers SQL Error handling Knowledge of applicationdevelopment by using DB2 - - >OS- 400( L2) - Basic Knowledge of OS/ 400 Work Management Overview Overview of System valuesand Network attributes Basics about Subsystem, Storage pools, Work entries, Routing entries Knowledge of Jobs, Job routing, Job logs, Interactive Jobs andRouting steps Work Management benefits System Value Benefits and DetailsSubsytem Management - The Controlling Subsystem Workstation Device allocation, Job queue allocation, Adding/ Changing/ Removing Routing entries Interactive Jobsand Routing steps Group Jobs - Creating a new Group Job, Transferring from OneGroup Job to another Batch job and routing approaches, Input and Outputspooling, Batch job routing approaches Autostart jobs - Security and AutostartJob entries Prestart Jobs - Queuing and Communication jobs Job Accountingoverview - - >CLLE( L2) - Basic Knowledge of CL/ 400, CLLE Basic Syntax Language Constructs Capabilitiesof CL Program, CL program structure and syntax, Features and Limitations of CLProgram Frequently used CL commands Error handling Advanced Concepts AdvancedCL commands and abbrevations Knowledge of OPNQRYF Controlling flow andcommunicating b/ w programs Working with Objects in CL procedures and programsDefining commands, Working with messages Debugging OPM and ILE programsExperienced in Application program development - - >RPGLE( L3) - Basic Knowledge of RPG/ RPGLE Basic Syntax Language Constructs RPG/ RPGLEspecifications File handling in RPGLE and different specifications used inRPGLE, Use of Opcodes, built- in- functions and indicators Apply programminglogic - Arithmetic operations, program flow control, Multiple file access anduse of externally described files, display screens and print reports Use ofutilities like SEU, SDA, RLU, PDM Error handling Knowledge of applicationdevelopment by using RPG/ RPGLE Advanced Concepts Compiler Options Programmingdifferent types of Subfiles, knowledge on keywords used in subfiles, UsingArrays and tables. Data Area Data structures and Compiler Directives, Procedures and sub procedures, Creating the programs in ILE Environment, Callsto Programs and procedures, Activation group concepts Modular programming andInteractive Applications, Code optimization, removal of dead code, etcInterfaces and external dependencies ( eg EDI, SWIFT, FIX, etc) Debuggingprograms - Interactive and Batch Experienced in Application program developmentApplication Program Tuning Performance Optimization Interfaces and externaldependencies Application integration

Job requirement
Education:(UG - B.Tech/B.E. - Any Specialization) AND (PG - Post Graduation Not Required) AND ( Doctorate - Any Doctorate - Any Specialization, Doctorate Not Required)

Experience years: 1 to 3 yrs.

How to apply
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