Endeavour 2016 KIET e-Cell Fest Photo Gallery








e-cell-kiet 2

B-NOESIS: Quest for the Sharpest

e-cell-kiet 3

INNOPRENEUR: Empowering Innovation

e-cell-kiet 4

IDEASTORM: Ideas Worth Showing

e-cell-kiet 5

SPUR OF THE MOMENT: Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun

e-cell-kiet 6

CASE CONNECT: Small Details Create the Big Picture

e-cell-kiet 7

TEN MINUTES: Connect the Dots

e-cell-kiet 8

STRATEGIST: Be The Strategist

e-cell-kiet 9

MAESTRO: Discover Your M-Factor

e-cell-kiet 10

                                                                       Technical Module: CREATE AND CONQUER!

e-cell-kiet 11

MONSTER ARENA: Change is Inevitable

e-cell-kiet 12

CODE WAR: Talk Is Cheap, Show Me The Code

e-cell-kiet 13

LET US SEE: Only For Bookworms

e-cell-kiet 14

PROJECT EXPO: From Imagination to Reality

e-cell-kiet 15

CONSTRUCTO: Bridge The Gap

e-cell-kiet 16

ROBO SPATE: Change Is Inevitable

e-cell-kiet 17

                                                                                                     Fun Module

e-cell-kiet 18

                                                                              Lan Gaming:  Aim | Shoot | Score

e-cell-kiet 19


Kiet e-cell 2016

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