Designing with Microcontrollers -- Final Projects

The microcontroller used is the Atmel ATmega series. This year we use the Mega644 microprocessor.
Before 2009, we used the Codevision C compiler, now we use WINAVR/GCC. Project numbers are for identification and do not represent ranking.

Human Tetris -- Video object tracking (video part1, part2, part3, youtube) engadget, hackaday, avrfreaks, hackedgadgets, (1920x1080 slide)
Auditory navigator (video part1, part2, part3) (1920x1080 slide)
USB wireless tilt mouse (video part1, part2, part3, full)
Automated Rock Band player (video) (1920x1080 slide)
Glove Midi Controller (youtube video) hackedgadgets
Automated Pavlovian Classical Conditioning of Mosquitos (1920x1080 slide)
Remote control airship (video part1, part2, part3) image
CMOS Camera Rock Paper Scissors Game System
Theremin Hero (video)
Scanner using phototransistor array (youtube)
RFID sales checkout system (video)
RFID based Mobile Payment System
Talking voltmeter (video part1, part2, part3, part4) adafruit
Heart rate monitor (video)
Gesture Based Touchpad Security system (youtube)
Glove control helicopter (video part1, part2, part3) early version
Virtual Archery (video part1, part2, part3)
Acoustic data modem (video)
Motion Adaptive Alarm Clock
Zigbee Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System
Low-Cost Portable Potentiostat for Biosensing Applications
Point of Sale Terminal
FM radio receiver
Mister Gloves - A Wireless USB Gesture Input System (youtube) hackaday (1920x1080)
Accelerometer Based Hand Action Recognition
Home energy managment
Self-Adaptive Hybrid Electro-Magnetic Levitation and Active Balancing System
Digital Oscilloscope
Optical eye tracking (video) hackedgadgets
Guitar Blocks (video)
Haptic Exercise Coach