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Thread: Project:-E-Cops Required?

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Bishop (1955) assumed a circular slip surface, as shown in Figure 16.5a. Let us apply the equilibrium equations to the forces on the slice shown in Figure 16.5c, assuming that Ej and Ej11 and Uj and Uj11 are collinear, Nj acts at the center of the arc length, that is, at lj/2, and (Js)j 5 0. Read this topic
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    Txt 32 Project:-E-Cops Required?

    :d_happy_tired::d_happy_tired::d_happy_tired::d_happy_tired:Attention All Engineers of CS & IT:d_happy_tired::d_happy_tired::d_happy_tired::d_happy_tired:

    Can anybody tell me that whether they have a source of e-cops.Requirements and specification of project is given below.

    Project Name: E-Cops
    Platform: .Net(C#)
    Back End:
    SQL Server 2005/07

    And if anybody have then pls attach it here r they may send me a Private Message. Thank you


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    Android Gmail 32 Plz send me ecops project

    Akash if u have now e cops project thn plz upload it yaar its emergancy yaar

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    [MENTION=3116]Aakash007[/MENTION] & [MENTION=3993]Prashmahajan[/MENTION]- Ecops has already been shared by one of the members before. Please use the search functionality before posting a request.

    Here is the link for Ecops full code:

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    Re: Project:-E-Cops Required?

    but akash this is in jsp.. u have project in asp then send me.. my email id:

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