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Thread: Will I Get a Job

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    Will I Get a Job

    hi m recently completed my in ECE.but prob is still i have a carry(back)paper,plz tell me can i get job or not.if yes then suggest me some electronics company which accept me .y the way m also done 6 month EMBEDDED SYSTEM course X .......plz help me

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    Re: Will I Get a Job

    Firstly, clear your papers.

    Next, whats your academic profile ? If you are eligible for interviews then I don't see why you should have a problem.

    If not, then you need to change your domain. Its a tricky issue but can be handled.

    As you have done 6 months course it should help you. If you've done from a reputed institute then its going to show on your CV. If not, still you can use it to your advantage. You should prove that you really know your subject.

    If you want to further continue then learn about preparing to get admission into these finishing schools,[CDAC] [Sandipani] [RV VLSI] [Veda IIT] I think this will be an overkill so I suggest leaving this out.

    IMO even if none of the above works its still noteworthy to take these two tests and relax

    Take the e-litmus test, if you have great academic background(around 7 CGPA)

    ake this test if you're okay-ish and can prepare like GATE(doesn't matter whatever CGPA)

    ust keep preparing and improving and NEVER sit idle. You have to show that you were doing something rather than nothing.

    Hope I helped
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