ABSTRACT: Now-a-days we are facing majority of crimes related to security issues and these arise due to the leakage of passwords or illegal authentication. At one end, there is a continuous and tremendous improvement in the lifestyle of Humans while at the other end; the technological crimes are increasing rapidly. As there is a problem, there must be a solution. The need for a compromising technology which can be adopted is highly imperative. Technologies capable of identifying each person uniquely need to be developed. The only powerful solution for the problem of illegal authentication is Biometrics.
Nature has made human beings with different characteristics which may vary from one person to another. This property is made use of by Biometric technology to distinctly identify each person. Biometrics is a means of using the physiological or behavioral characteristics of a person as a kind of permanent password.
This paper provides an overall idea of Biometrics , the typical Biometric Model, an overview of the Biometric techniques and focuses mainly on Keystroke Biometrics which is easy to implement and can provide fool proof security based on the effectiveness of the algorithm.
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