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Thread: Air Craft Hydraulics System PPT

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    Ppt 32 Air Craft Hydraulics System PPT

    It is a system where liquid under pressure is used to transmit this energy. Hydraulic systems take engine power and convert it to hydraulic power by means of a hydraulic pump. This power can be distributed throughout the airplane by means of tubing that runs through the aircraft. Hydraulic power may be reconverted to mechanical power by means of an actuating cylinder, or turbine.
    (1) - A hydraulic pump converts mechanical power to hydraulic power
    (2) - An actuating cylinder converts hydraulic power to mechanical power
    (3) - Landing Gear
    (4) - Engine power (mechanical HP)
    If an electrical system were used instead of a hydraulic system, a generator would take the place of the pump and a motor would take the place of the actuating cylinder...........
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    Re: Air Craft Hydraulics System PPT

    thnx.. was helpful

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    Re: Air Craft Hydraulics System PPT

    thanks its great........

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