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Thread: GATE 2013 advice

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    GATE 2013 advice

    target maths and aptittude for good rank in gate 2013

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    Re: GATE 2013 advice

    how to prepare for aptitude?

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    Re: GATE 2013 advice

    Sir, can you just elaborate what do you mean? Thanks...

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    Re: GATE 2013 advice

    will soving r.s agarwal's aptitude book be enuf fr aptitude practise?

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    Re: GATE 2013 advice

    sir , i wants some to crack gate paper

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    sir i wants some tips to crack gate paper

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    Re: GATE 2013 advice

    sir i want some tips to improve my aptitude.

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    Re: GATE 2013 advice

    i dont think that anybody will read Maths and Apti.

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    Re: GATE 2013 advice

    what r d imp topics covering gate aptitude..pls tell

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    HOW TO PREPARE APTITUDE- numerical, quantitative aptitude questions r asked generally.. weightage of aptitude will be 9 marks n english will be of 6 marks.. so prepare for english also. these 15 marks matters a lot in achieving a good rank..

    @ Minakshi : Ya R.S. Agarwal is more than enuf for aptitude...

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    Re: GATE 2013 advice

    thanx a lot ppl!

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    Re: GATE 2013 advice

    apti and maths are just boosters for your score .. you got to be perfect in atleast 4 important core subjects of your branch..
    regarding cse,
    os,cn, toc,ds and algorithms are very important...

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    Re: GATE 2013 advice

    Agreed bro.. For ECE- Network, EDC, Analog electronics, Signal system and Cntrol System..

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    Re: GATE 2013 advice

    hey upload some notes

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    Re: GATE 2013 advice

    Specify the subject plz... by d way u'll find almost all subjcts notes on this site..

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    Re: GATE 2013 advice

    sir please can u provide the mark distributions for ece gate$ies ,and which book rather which notes should prefer for preparation of gate 14

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