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Thread: Facts of Engineering!!!!

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    Favorite 32 Facts of Engineering!!!!

    Fact #1: Industrial Visit is more of a group picnic than study tour.

    Fact #2: Your Family members will not consider you an Engineer!
    Unless you repair any home appliances.

    Fact #3: If you get less marks your parents shout at you.
    If you get more marks your friends shout at you.

    Fact #4: Amount of money spend in photocopies over the span of four years will be sufficient to buy a brand new Xerox machine!

    Fact #5: One writes the assignment and whole class copies!

    Fact #6: During Exam : The income of Xerox shop owner is far more than, what you are going to get after placement.

    Fact #7: Drafter and sheet holder is to just show off to your Commerce friends that you are an Engineering Student.

    Fact #8 The most inspiring quote for Engineering students:
    Where there is a WILL there is a WAY
    After December there is May.

    Fact #9: A month before Exam:
    We refer to foreign authors.

    A week before Exam: e refer to local authors.

    One the day of Exam:
    We become author.
    "Yaar to sirf heading bata de baki mai khud likh lunga."

    Fact #10: The only thing you type on your Final year engineering project is your name,roll number and group name/number
    Everything else is CTR+C CTR+V

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    Re: Facts of Engineering!!!!


    kya bola kya bola.....................?

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