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Thread: Any gamers around here? Need help!

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    Any gamers around here? Need help!

    Gamers! I need some advice ! i have a play station 2 and now i wish to upgrade to either a play station 3 or the XBOX 360! I'm confused! I've heard the Xbox is better but the No. of game titles on the PS 3 is higher! What should i do? the play station 3 is a bit cheaper too!

    And, im planning the buy the bundled version , so with the PS3 i'll get a move controller too and with the Xboz . i'll get the Kinect! which is better. I have no idea about any of these! Can you please help me out here

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    Re: Any gamers around here? Need help!

    go for ps3...... best u can get................

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    Re: Any gamers around here? Need help!

    Get the console your friends have so you can play online multiplayer with them which is the best thing on both the consoles. As for which console to buy, both are equally good, so check out the exclusive titles for both the consoles. Xbox has exclusive titles like halo, gears of war, forza etc & Ps3 has god of war, uncharted, gran tourismo etc.
    Recently upgraded to xbox 360 from ps2

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