Abstract: Ant colony optimization algorithms are a meta-heuristic approach initially inspired by the observation that ants can nd the shortest path between food sources and their nest. The basic algorithm of Ant Colony Optimization is the Ant System. Many other algorithms, such as the Max-Min Ant System, have been introduced to improve the performance of the Ant System.

Datamining with Ant colony Optimization:
This paper proposes an algorithm for data mining called Ant-Miner (ant-colony-based data miner). The goal of Ant-Miner is to extract classification rules from data. The algorithm is inspired by both research on the behavior of real ant colonies and some data mining concepts as well as principles.

Application of Ant Colony Optimization to develop an Energy Efficient Protocol in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks: Foraging Behavior in Ant Swarms can be very helpful when applied to the protocols in Mobile ad hoc networks (MANET). When Ant Colony Optimization Scheme (ACO) is applied to a protocol , larger number of paths are generated from the Source to the Destination which helps in improving the packet delivery ratio .In this paper , we apply the ACO scheme on an already existing Energy efficient protocol.

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