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Thread: Kudankulam Nucelear power plant faisco !

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    Favorite 32 Kudankulam Nucelear power plant faisco !

    It's been so long, still, there is no settlement between the protestors and the government with respect to the nuclear power plant. In my opinion, illiteracy is the major reason for this problem. If the people there were educated, they would have realized that the power plant meets all the safety standard and it would be helpful for the public. It would prove so beneficial for the people and would help us meet our electricity requirements! I just hope they realize this very soon !!

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    Re: Kudankulam Nucelear power plant faisco !

    No! the protestors have strong points too. The government isn't clear in its answer when it says that what if something like Fukushima happens here too. There is no guarantee of it, right?

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    Re: Kudankulam Nucelear power plant faisco !

    But, even the supreme court has no objection with the power plant. Even the court believes that the specified safety standards are met! If the Government says that they have taken all the necessary measures to tackle any disaster , what more proof do the people need?

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    Re: Kudankulam Nucelear power plant faisco !

    but we must think of the worse situations.......about all the possibilities

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    Re: Kudankulam Nucelear power plant faisco !

    im agree with raahul , we must have faith in almighty nd do cooperate with the authorities. If all the safety precautions have been met then it should go on. Natural calamity can occur anytime.

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