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Thread: The future of Petrol cars in India!

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    Favorite 32 The future of Petrol cars in India!

    With the rising difference between the price of petrol and diesel in India, there has been a huge dip in the sales of petrol cars, will a huge hike in the sale of diesel cars! if the current trend continues, do you think the petrol cars and survive?

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    Re: The future of Petrol cars in India!

    I think if the manufacturers are able to introduce more fuel efficient petrol engines, then maybe the petrol cars can survive. Because one reason for the increase in the demand for the diesel cars, is their fuel efficiency , which is better than the fuel efficiency being offered by the petrol variants of the same cars !!

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    Re: The future of Petrol cars in India!

    Diesel engines are much better in terms of performance too! Take the swift diesel for example! it's performance is so much better than the petrol variant! The only reason one still buys a petrol car, is because it is prices lower than it's diesel counterpart!

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