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Thread: Voice controlled wheel-chair

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    Zip 32 Voice controlled wheel-chair

    The Project aims at controlling a wheelchair for handicaps by means of human voice. The speech recognition system is a useful way of implementation and is easy to use programmable speech recognition circuit.

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    Re: Voice controlled wheel-chair

    brother can u give me a idea abt how much does this project costs...if i start working over it..?

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    Re: Voice controlled wheel-chair

    it may be vary 6000-8000... its a gud project bt programming is main part n should be correct...thanx

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    Re: Voice controlled wheel-chair

    hello dear
    thanx for the project and i really liked it..i want to go forward with it but we have 3 people in our group and our project work is of 24,do u think it is big enough for that??reply soon

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    Re: Voice controlled wheel-chair

    Which software did you use for pcb design,... any difficulties faced ??
    Thanks in advance.

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