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Thread: Gate preparation advice

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    Gate preparation advice

    guys.. from whwn and wher i shud go for coaching for gate.. provided m in 5th sem ec

    hi friends...

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    Re: Gate preparation

    Why do you want to go for coaching ? Going to coaching is just wast of time and money. They will not guide you the best. Even they will prevent to read good books. They will say that our coaching material is sufficient. But that coaching material is nothing.

    Start self study from right now. Read Your text books (Provided they are good ) along with RK Kanodia GATE CLOUD series book. Definitely you will gain confidence in self stduy.

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    Re: Gate preparation advice

    is going to coaching is really a waste of time?

    self study is enough for gate exams?

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    Re: Gate preparation advice

    how to get r k kanodia series?????????
    Plzzzz help

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    Re: Gate preparation advice

    visit and place your order. You will get home delivery

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