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Thread: GK publication book

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    GK publication book

    can i have the gk publication book for ec subjects

    hi friends...

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    Re: GK publication book

    why are your searching that book. That is not a useful book. Read Kanodia. Read the view of Toppers view on internet. They say that read theory from stadard books and do practice problems from Kanodia books.

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    Re: GK publication book

    I also want GATE 2013 ebook of G K Publications...plzzz anyone upload this ebook if possible...plzzzzzz

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    Re: GK publication book

    thanks karuna.. but i've cm to knw dat gk publication is good if we want to clear fundamentals..
    hi friends...

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    Re: GK publication book


    Check the site
    Good Luck


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    Re: GK publication book

    By Reading the GK book you can not do your fundamental strong. GK Book doesn't have any useful material. I fact all problems in this book is copied from RK Kanodia book.
    For fundamentals, go to your text books that you have studied in your semesters. By reading that's books you will recall all things. Then solve problems from RK Kanodia books. This is the best way for prep. Still you want to read more theory read Kanodia GUIDE series books.
    All GK books are famous for irrelevant material and wrongly solved problems.

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    Re: GK publication book

    Dont go for GK..the problems in GK are not standarized to GATE are not correct and not done in a better approach..Problems in GK do not cover all the topics..I personally had a bad experince with this book..I am a GATE Failure and GK was only reason for that..

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    Re: GK publication book


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    Re: GK publication book

    I need gk publication book for ece

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    Re: GK publication book

    I thought there would be a link to download the book..
    But I can't find any..

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