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Thread: Mobile Communication Projects for ECE Engineers

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    Doc 32 Mobile Communication Projects for ECE Engineers

    Summary for RFID Project: The RFID team has accomplished all the tasks they set at the beginning of the semester. The tasks included interfacing a temperature sensor to the tag circuit, adding a switching method to send data to the reader, retrieve data on reader and display temperature and I.D data periodically.

    The analog temperature sensor has been integrated with the tag circuit. An A/D converter has been added to the sensor to output the 8-bit binary data. A PLD has been used to convert the binary output into BCD data. For the rest of tag circuit, two nine volt batteries have been used as power source to drive the switch. The shift register circuit is implemented by timer, counter, dip switch inputs, and the PISO shift registers.

    Summary of Mobile COmmunication Project: One of the finest things that happened in 20th century is the use of radio channels for personal mobile communication systems. Considered to be a revolution of sorts in telecommunications. Considered to be a revolution of sorts in telecommunications, mobile communication is the fastest growing market segment and the field of intense research.

    Mobile communication today is, perhaps, the most powerful catalyst for change in lifestyle of the people all over the world. Mobile communication slowly, but surely is evolving as the backbone for business transactions, efficiency and success silently taking over the role of the elder cousin PSTN.

    Please find the documents attached!

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