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Thread: Computer Network Fundamentals

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    Doc 32 Computer Network Fundamentals

    Computer Network Fundamentals - Introduction: Over the past several years, home computer networks have become increasingly popular in the World. Home networks are used to share Internet access and other computing resources, support sophisticated home entertainment and security systems, and more. In response to ever-growing demand, the electronics industry has introduced a wide variety of consumer-grade networking components, which are inexpensive and easy to use.

    This unit the fundamental concepts of computer networking, using the TCP/IP model as a framework, with a focus on Ethernet and 802.11g. By the end of this unit, students will be conversant with the five layers of the TCP/IP model and the star topology. They will be able to build simple Ethernet networks, using hubs and switches and private IPv4 addresses; make their own patch cables; and troubleshoot connectivity problems. They will also be able to build wireless networks of a similar scale, using inexpensive 802.11g routers and adapters. Throughout this unit, students will use packet tracing exercises to help them visualize and apply the TCP/IP networking model to the networks they actually build.

    Please find the complete ebook attached!

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    Re: Computer Network Fundamentals

    Thankx for the note....
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