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Thread: Free space optics (ppt & report)

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    Rar 32 Free space optics (ppt & report)

    FREE SPACE OPTICS- Introduction:

    Free space optics (FSO) is a line-of-sight technology that enables optical transmission of data, voice, and video communications through the air. Free space optical communication systems are different than Fiber optic system. Free space optics use beams of light, such as laser beam, as optical communication signals, and therefore do not require cables or fiber connected between transmitter and receivers.

    Optical transmissions provide a wider bandwidth than other
    wireless communications mediums, such as RF frequency signals and optical signals can be more focused than RF signals, and are thus more difficult to intercept and less likely to cause interference with other transmissions.
    The optical transmitter can modulate the optical signal to carry data. The optical receiver then collects all of the energy of the optical signal and converts the optical signal into an electrical signal. The optical receiver can operate on this electrical signal recover the modulated data.

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    nice post......
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    can any 1 move this thread to electronics section....i posted in electrical by mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pradhyu69 View Post
    can any 1 move this thread to electronics section....i posted in electrical by mistake.
    Moved to the Electronics section. Nice share

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