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Thread: A Technical Seminar Report on “CLOUD COMPUTING''

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    Doc 32 A Technical Seminar Report on “CLOUD COMPUTING''

    Abstract: This white paper will help readers to know the basics of cloud computing and also to gain an understanding on how cloud computing works. I hope it will be beneficial to all people who want to save some money on infrastructures.

    Cloud based on demand web-services such as databases, queues, identity management, data on-demand, widgets, etc. are meeting with browser based thick-client frameworks such as AJAX, Adobe Flex, MS Silverlight, etc. to create a new breed of applications, built on a resuscitated Client/Server (Client/Server 2.0) SOA-based paradigm. The traditional "business logic" application server middle-tier is ceding the way to cloud based pay-per-use SOA.

    The increasing sophistication of cloud web-services platforms, the increase in browser sophistication and the availability of advanced client side IDEs will reinforce this trend. The new paradigm will simplify the development of web applications, simplify the creation of SaaS, provide better maintainability and lower TCO.

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    Re: A Technical Seminar Report on “CLOUD COMPUTING''

    sir we need cloud computing study material pls send me

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    Re: A Technical Seminar Report on “CLOUD COMPUTING''

    sir i need a book about virtualisation

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    Re: A Technical Seminar Report on “CLOUD COMPUTING''

    Information about Automated online assistant which is one of the application of Artificial intelligence

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