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Thread: C/C++ Programming Style Guidelines - Ebook

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    Pdf 32 C/C++ Programming Style Guidelines - Ebook


    This document contains the guidelines for writing C/C++ code for Dynamic Software Solutions. The point of a style guide is to greater uniformity in the appearance of source code. The benefit is enhanced readability and hence maintainability for the code. Wherever possible, we adopt stylistic conventions that have been proved to contribute positively to readability and/or maintainability.

    Before code can be considered for peer review the author must check that it adheres to these guidelines. This may be considered a prerequisite for the review process. A checklist is provided at the end of this document to aid in validating the source code’s style. Where code fails to adhere to the conventions prescribed here may be considered a defect during the review process.

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    Re: C/C++ Programming Style Guidelines - Ebook

    thanx for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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