The Vision of the Client/Server Computing--

We are in the midst of a fundamental change in both technology and its application. Organizations today expect to get more value from their investments in technology.
Opportunities are available to organizations and people who are ready and able to compete in the global market. A competitive global economy will ensure obsolescence and obscurity to those who cannot or are unwilling to compete. All organizations must look for ways to demonstrate value. We are finally seeing a willingness to rethink existing organizational structures and business practices.

Organizations are aggressively downsizing even as they try to aggressively expand their revenue base. There is more willingness to continue improvement practices and programs to eliminate redundancy and increase effectiveness. Organizations are becoming market-driven while remaining true to their business vision.

Client/server computing is the most effective source for the tools that empower employees with authority and responsibility.

Workstation power, workgroup empowerment, preservation of existing investments, remote network management, and market-driven business are the forces creating the need for client/server computing.