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Thread: Kernel Development, C Programmer, Device Drivers

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    Favorite 32 Kernel Development, C Programmer, Device Drivers

    Hello there. I'm in my 3rd Year of Engineering[B.Tech IT]. I'm interested in Embedded Software development, Kernel Development, Device Drivers, RTOS and that kind of stuff. I've already started re-working on my C Programming skills.
    Would it be possible for me to get a job in any of the above mentioned fields during my Placements? like would I be asked during my Interview (btw my college has a pretty cool placement record):
    "In which Department of Our Company would you like to work?" Sorry if that sounds pretty dumb(or maybe too bad ass )
    as I've no clue how it is like.
    OR would it be like:
    "Ok, IT Fresher, we have a place for you as a Web Developer/ J2EE Developer/ .NET Programmer in our Company. So MOVE IT "

    I'm basically interested in OS and related stuff as already mentioned above. Please Let me know the Placement Procedure guys. From online forums, I came to know a little about the General Procedure i.e. Written Test, GDs, etc, etc

    Thanks in advance guys!!


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