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Thread: Doubts regarding Civil Services; UPSC exams

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    Doubts regarding Civil Services; UPSC exams

    I saw this querry while going through a forum and thought that many of us might be facing such doubts as well. Anyone has info regarding this?

    I am a student of chemical engineering at IIT Delhi. Iím doing a dual degree course after which I will get both BTech and MTech degrees in 2016. I was born in September 1993 and want to take the civil services exam at the earliest. Can I appear for the prelims in 2015? When should I join a coaching institute? I am planning not to take engineering subjects for the main examination. What duration of coaching will be ideal? Are there any changes indicated by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in the pattern for the main exam? If yes, what are they and how soon are they expected?

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    Re: Doubts regarding Civil Services; UPSC exams

    It is unlikely that the guy will be able to write the civil services exam before completing the MTech. To be eligible to enter this competition, you should be a graduate in any subject from a recognised university.

    Therefore, until you have completed your bachelor’s, you will not be eligible to apply. So, I think it is best that you to wait for 2016 — you will still have many more years to try for the services. There is no ideal time or preparation for the civil services exam, but most candidates like to take at least a year off to prepare, keeping in mind that you require detailed academic knowledge of at least two subjects in which you can score high marks.

    As you are not planning to opt for engineering as one of the subjects for the mains, you will need to study two other subjects at the graduation level. For the present, the UPSC main exam will remain the same as before, but it is likely that this too will undergo a change, although I do not know what and when this will happen. If you are an above average, hard-working and persevering student, you have a strong chance of getting into one of the civil services.

    However, due to the competitive nature of the entrance test it may be advisable to keep a strong back-up. Do, therefore, consider alternative career options after graduation.

    Source: HTeducation

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