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Thread: Design of heat exchangers

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    Pdf 32 Design of heat exchangers

    This Project deals with thermal and mechanical design of Heat Exchangers particularly Shell and tube type Heat Exchangers based on the principles specified in universally renowned and adopted international codes.viz American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME), Section vii, div 1 and section ii, part A & D, Tubular Exchanger of mechanical Association (TEMA) .
    A brief Literature on classification of heat exchangers, with particular reference to shell and tube type and their applications in the present industry is also presented. In addition to that the parameters effectively thermal design and operational problems encountered is shell and tube heat exchangers are we studied and relevant suggestions are also suggested to overcome those problems.

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    Re: Design of heat exchangers

    have u considerd your design with regard to pressure?

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    Re: Design of heat exchangers

    about piston less pump

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    Re: Design of heat exchangers

    can you tell me something about applying it in real a practical application

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