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Thread: Earthing Fault Localization Presentation - PPT

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    Ppt 32 Earthing Fault Localization Presentation - PPT


    The portable Wheatstone bridge is often used to locate faults in multicore cables,telephone wires, or power transmission lines by means of Murray-loop. This test is used in particular to find the location of short circuits or low-resistance faults between a conductor and ground.

    A commercial Wheatstone bridge, entirely self-contained with batteries and a pointer-type galvanometer, and with the special connections required for these loop tests, is known as a test set. The best known and simplest of the various loop tests is called Murray-loop test, principally used to locate ground faults in sheathed cables. The test setup is shown in Fig. in the PPT

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    Re: Earthing Fault Localization Presentation - PPT

    hi pl help me out to do projects on pure electrical

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    Re: Earthing Fault Localization Presentation - PPT


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