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Thread: viva questions

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    viva questions

    Components of universal testing machine and use of each part, imp basic definitions like strength, elasticity, plasticity, stifness, resilence, toughness,malleability, ductility, brittleness,hardness,
    stress strain diagram for brittle and ductile materials
    given two components of them wich breaks first,
    sfd and bmd diagrams
    mohrs circle steps
    wht is cotter and knuckle joint with applications
    some imp properties of engineering materials
    all the terms in the stress strain curve
    torsion, bending moment definitions and formula

    bernoulis equation and all imp applications with their formulas,
    viscosity, surface tension, capillarity with definitions and their relations with temperature and pressure
    imp concepts in pressure meauring devices like wich one is commonly used , advantages between two of them
    relations of pipes connected in series an parallel
    laminar flow, turbulent flow
    pascals law, imp relations

    P- V diagrams of imp terms , all basics should be clear, all imp laws and their relation with others, calorimeters,
    boiler mountings and accessories , orsat apparatus, otto cycle, diesel cycle and their formulas, compressors their types

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    Re: viva questions

    guyz if u need anythn regarding mech sem 3 let me noe

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    Re: viva questions

    i need questions as well as answers for entire mechanical which have a chance of asking me during viva
    i need atleast 200 que

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