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Thread: Micro blog web portal project

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    Rar 32 Micro blog web portal project
    This web application is similar to It allows registered members to post updates, which are displayed to followers of the user. A user can have followers and friends (users who follow this user).
    Blogging web portal source code in
    The following are the topics of ASP.NET used in this project.
    • Asp.Net 3.5
    • C# Language
    • SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
    • Visual Studio.NET 2008
    • Layered Architecture with Presentation Layer and Data Access Layer
    • All database manipulations are done with stored procedures.
    • Stored procedures are accessed using classes in DAL - Data Access Layer.
    • ObjectDataSource is used in presentation layer to talk to DAL.
    • DataList is used to display and delete data
    • Membership and login controls are used to implement security.
    • Master page and themes are used
    • ADO.NET is used to access database
    The following are the major operations in this application.
    • User Registration
    • Login
    • Password Recovery
    • Change password
    • Home page
    • Post an update
    • List of user update
    • Delete an update
    • Finding people
    • Adding friend
    • Removing friend
    • Changing the profile of the user
    • Logout
    For More Info Download the project Source..........
    Thank u............

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    Heart 32 Re: Micro blog web portal project

    Thanks Man for the project!!!!
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    Re: Micro blog web portal project

    u r welcome.................

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