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Thread: Useful Questions we can ask in Interview

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    Pdf 32 Useful Questions we can ask in Interview

    Useful Questions we can ask in Interview

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    Re: Useful Questions we can ask in Interview

    Below is a selection of questions you could consider asking in an interview:

    • Why is this position available?
    • What exactly will I be doing should I be accepted for the position?
    • What is a typical day like for someone in a similar position to the one I am applying for?
    • Could you break the position into specific functions?
    • Could you explain the company structure?
    • Tell me about your style of management and the reporting structure within the company
    • Will there be a probation period for this position? How long?
    • Will you encourage further education?
    • What support can you provide with regards to financial and personal matters?
    • How will you measure my performance? How often?
    • Will my remuneration be tied to my performance?
    • When could we meet again?
    103 interview questions and answers ( free pdf download)

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