Technical education department of Andhra Pradesh informed that 81 engineering colleges are closed down in the state. After the completion of EAMCET 2012 first and second phase of counseling, no student joined in 23 colleges. In another 58 colleges less than ten students joined in each branch. These students are being transferred to other colleges.

Spot admissions are being conducted for engineering colleges and the last date for spot admissions is 22nd November, 2012. Since there is a facility to transfer the students to other colleges, students from 58 colleges which have only single digit students are transferred to other colleges. Nearly five thousand students were transferred to other colleges. Few colleges have cancelled admission into some branches.

According to reliable sources, there are another 200 colleges in which the number of students who joined is not more than 100 and these colleges may also cancel their admission. Engineering college management will run the colleges only if there are at least 150 students in all the four branches. In Andhra Pradesh there are 687 engineering colleges. In nearly 319 colleges less than 150 students took admissions. In 233 colleges less than 100 students took admissions.

Engineering college managements are worried because of less number of students taking admission in their colleges. They are saying if the students is so less. They cannot run the college. According to educationalists, unqualified faculty, not having hostel facility are few of the reasons for less number of students taking admissions in some colleges.

Meanwhile technical education department has taken decision to conduct taskforce inspections in Pharmacy, MBA and MCA colleges. In the first phase inspection was held in 119 colleges and reports were submitted. By the end of 30th December 2012, inspections will be taken up in 684 engineering colleges. Third phase of inspections will be held from 26th November, 2012 to 1st December, 2012. In the fourth stage, 189 colleges will be inspected from 10th to 15th December. In the fifth phase taskforce will conduct inspections in 139 colleges.

Source: AEG India