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Thread: Electronic Warfare (ppt & report)

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    Rar 32 Electronic Warfare (ppt & report)

    The paper gives the information about the military organizations. In present-day operational scenarios, it is becoming increasingly important for armed forces to establish information-gathering superiority. Electronic warfare (EW) refers to any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) or directed energy (DE) to control the EMS or to attack the enemy. The goal of electronic warfare is to control the electromagnetic spectrum.

    EW includes three major subdivisions:
    - Electronic Warfare Support (ES)
    - Electronic Attack (EA)
    - Electronic Protect (EP)

    Electronic Attack:
    Use of electromagnetic energy, directed energy, or anti radiation weapons to attack personnel, facilities, or equipment with the intent of degrading, neutralizing, or destroying enemy combat capability and is considered a form of fires.

    Electronic Protect:
    Actions taken to protect personnel, facilities, and equipment from any effects of friendly or enemy use of electromagnetic spectrum that degrade, neutralize, or destroy friendly combat capability.

    Electronic Warfare Support:
    Actions tasked by, or under direct control of, an operational commander to search for, intercept, identify, and locate or localize sources of intentional and unintentional radiated electromagnetic energy for the purpose of immediate threat recognition, targeting, planning, and conduct of future operations.
    Electronic warfare is much more developed than most other areas of information security. There are many lessons to be learned, from the technical level up through the tactical level to matters of planning and strategy.

    The applications of electronic warfare includes:
    - In support of leadership
    - In support of information tasks and capabilities
    - In support of the war fighting functions

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    Re: Electronic Warfare (ppt & report)

    am not able to download the same !
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