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Thread: ALICIA - EC Project Synopsis

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    Pdf 32 ALICIA - EC Project Synopsis


    The two overarching project objectives are:
    1. Development of an ACO capability to reduce weather-related delays by 20%.
    Delivering a robust worldwide operations capability, allowing aircraft to use airports with less capable ground based approach aids, in a wider range of degraded flight conditions.
    Delivering more autonomous aircraft operation, including anticipation and avoidance of weather disturbances and other possible perturbations in-flight or on the ground.
    Delivering improved punctuality while simultaneously enhancing safety.

    2. Development of a new cockpit architecture facilitating the introduction of new technologies and applications.
    Delivering a competitive, scalable core cockpit architecture applicable to all aircraft types.
    Delivering seamless integration of innovative avionics technologies and new applications such as All Conditions Operations to respond to the new challenges of aircraft operation.
    Delivering the architecture to enable the next step towards single crew operation

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