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Thread: Radio Freq. Identfication(RFID) PPT & report

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    Rar 32 Radio Freq. Identfication(RFID) PPT & report

    Almost every product in the market has a barcode printed on it. Barcodesare machine-readable parallel bars that store binary information, revealing information about the product. Thus, it acts as the product fingerprint. As we goto the supermarket to buy things, the checkout person runs our selection over the scanner to scan the barcode, there’s an audible beep, and we are told how much money we owe.

    But the days of barcode are numbered. The reason is that a technology called radiofrequency identification (RFID) is catching on.RFID tags are being used by corporations to track people and products in just about every industry. They transform everyday objects like cargo containers, car keys, and even clothes on the rack at a shopping mall into mini nodes on a network. Databases
    then record the location and status of these network nodes to determine product movements.

    This technology can completely replace barcodes.
    The automotive industry makes use of small RFID tags that offer a high level of security at low cost.

    A lot of developments are taking place in RFID technology that will change the course of the industry, particularly in the supply chain area.

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