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Thread: Paper Presentaion: Datawarehousing and Datamining

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    Pdf 32 Paper Presentaion: Datawarehousing and Datamining

    ABSTRACT-- One may claim that the exponential growth in the amount of data provides great opportunities for data mining. In many real world applications, the number of sources over which this information is fragmented grows at an even faster rate, resulting in barriers to widespread application of data mining. A data warehouse is designed especially for decision support queries.
    Data warehousing is the process of extracting and transforming operational data into informational data and loading it into a central data store or warehouse.
    The idea behind data mining , then is the “ non trivial process of identifying valid, novel , potentially useful, and ultimately understandable patterns in India”
    Data mining is concerned with the analysis of data and the use of software technique for finding patterns and regularities in sets of data. Data mining potential can be enhanced if the appropriate data has been collected and stored in data warehouse
    Data warehousing provides the means to change raw data into information for making effective business decision – the emphasis on information , not data. The data warehouse is the hub for decision support data.
    This paper also explains partition algorithm to discover all requirements sets from the data warehousing using the data mining. Also explained relation between operational data , data warehouse and data marts.

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    Re: Paper Presentaion: Datawarehousing and Datamining

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