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Thread: Cluster Computing Project Report, Seminar & Paper Presentation

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    Pdf 32 Cluster Computing Project Report, Seminar & Paper Presentation

    Introduction: A computer cluster is a group of linked computers, working together closely so that in many respects they form a single computer. The components of a cluster are commonly, but not always, connected to each other through fast local area networks. Clusters are usually deployed to improve performance and/or availability over that provided by a single computer, while typically being much more cost-effective than single computers of comparable speed or availability.

    The major objective in the cluster is utilizing a group of processing nodes so as to complete the assigned job in a minimum amount of time by working cooperatively. The main and important strategy to achieve such objective is by transferring the extra loads from busy nodes to idle nodes.
    The seminar will contain the concepts of cluster computing and the principles involved in it.

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    Re: Cluster Computing Project Report, Seminar & Paper Presentation

    I need all pdf,doc and ppt files of cluter computing.

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