Rumor's have had it since long about Samsung’s Flexible Display possibilities.

But Samsung seems to have cracked the formula as the company is rumored to have started mass production of it's new, bendable displays.

The Samsung Display Co., the display unit of the company is now amidst the final phase of development of these flexible displays and though there is no release date announcement just yet, we may expect to see these phones hit the showcases right the first half of next year.

More interestingly, Samsung has decided to make use of plastic instead of glass to produce these OLED displays, thus rendering them unbreakable. Famous for its AMOLED screens, Samsung made a choice of OLEDs here again instead of Plasma or LCD because they can be made flexible and transparent.Sony, the other popular smartphone manufacturer says it has been doing research on flexible displays for almost a decade now, but they still don’t seem to have any plans of commercializing their technology.

Lee Chang-hoon, the vice president of Samsung’s display unit, on the other hand, said the company is currently sampling the displays with a few customers.