Exam season is here again and you all must be just peeping into your books right now and trying to cover up as much syllabus as possible! While you're paying all your attention in your exams, we have listed some useful tips for you which will make sure
that this type, you score maximum!

So, here they are!

Try and divide equal portions of time to each question of equal marks. The number of marks that each question is allotted is usually a marker of how long the answer is usually expected to be, therefore, it requires more time for writing.

It is of utmost importance that you carry a analogue watch with you. Exam writing is part substantive quality and part psychological skill.

When attempting a question, it is very important to stay focused on completing that question in a particular time-frame. Any thoughts regarding the completion of the rest of the questions need to be pushed out until the completion of the question in the particular time period.

You will discover that you feel more relaxed while attempting the question because instead of taking the mental pressure of completing all questions within three hours, psychologically you have to attempt just one question at a time.

Drawing a margin at each page not only gives the semblance of neatness but also enables the writer to fill in more space by writing less.

Exam writing should be breeze after adopting these tips!