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Thread: VIT 2011 Admissions - VIT 2011 Brochure for admissions

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    Pdf 32 VIT 2011 Admissions - VIT 2011 Brochure for admissions


    VIT is emerging as a benchmark for continuous journey towards excellence, among the institutions of higher education in the fi eld of technology in the country. Its values of equality, transparency and healthy collaboration have been ably guided by the leadership of its founder Dr. G. Viswanathan, renowned for his principled life devoted to public service.

    Th e ubiquitous sense of joy and enthusiasm observed in the campus bears testimony to the positive learning and living experiences enjoyed by every student at VIT. Ours is a place where opportunities for learning as well as recreation are maximized and distractions are minimized.

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    Re: VIT 2011 Admissions - VIT 2011 Brochure for admissions

    When will the 2012 brochure come?

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