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Thread: Highway linear collision prevention in automobiles - Major Project Report

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    Pdf 32 Highway linear collision prevention in automobiles - Major Project Report

    We propose to design a device which could be used by automobiles in the highway for the purpose
    of collision prevention. The main objective of this project is to avoid collisions between vehicles
    which results in losses in massive proportions to life and economy. We will be specifically dealing
    with accidents caused when a multitude of vehicles travelling in a linear manner collide. Such
    collisions do not terminate with damage to one or two vehicles, rather, an array of cars go smashing
    into one another.

    So, we intend to design ultrasonic sensors (transceivers) both at the front and rear of a vehicle in
    order to detect the range of another vehicle which is in its immediate vicinity. The data from the
    transceivers along with the velocity of the vehicle and an emergency input from the driver of each
    vehicle could be used to determine the status of the vehicle. This status, if found alarming will be
    transmitted backwards to the vehicle immediately behind it. The vehicle which receives this “alert”
    code, will take steps to slow down and also pass on the same code to the vehicle behind it, and so
    on the code gets transmitted to all vehicles behind the troubled car which are in range of the
    ultrasonic transceivers.

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    Re: Highway linear collision prevention in automobiles - Major Project Report

    I am not able to download the pdf files..?? There is no problem downloading the ppt files but cannot dL the pdf files.Please help..!!

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