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Thread: Quantitative aptitude

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    Quantitative aptitude

    quantitative aptitude for gate

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    Re: quantitative aptitude

    [MENTION=221760]priyagarg[/MENTION] looks like you forgot to upload the ebook.
    Did you intend to ask someone to upload one for your benefit ?

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    Re: quantitative aptitude

    i actuly intendd to ask sm1 for d same book to upload for me...

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    Re: Quantitative aptitude

    here is the e-book of r.s.agarwal it........

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    Re: Quantitative aptitude

    hey the wasnt getting downloaded , can u pls upload the correct link plssssssssssss

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    Re: Quantitative aptitude

    can i give to you?i had this book
    If you like add me on fb:-
    "MG Murugesh"

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    Re: Quantitative aptitude

    thanks a lot fr d buk link....reallly helped me a lot......

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