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Thread: ECE Interview Questions

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    Doc 32 ECE Interview Questions

    1.What is DMA controller?
    2. What is DMA channels?
    3. What happens during DMA transfer?
    4. What is half duplex transmission?
    5. What is the difference between the bandwidth of half duplex and simplex transmission?
    6. What are the processes required to perform interfacing successfully?
    7. What is single input output interface? How it is different from single ended interface?
    8. How does data transfer takes place between memory and input output ports?
    9. What is parallel data transfer process?
    10. Differentiate between PPI and input output devices.

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    Re: ECE Interview Questions

    My name is Amit Sumbria and i am an electronic and communication possessing student

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    Re: ECE Interview Questions

    hi i am anirudh yadav . i completed my final year.
    thank you.

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    Re: ECE Interview Questions

    nice, uplod more books on anolog and digital commnication

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