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Thread: 8085 traffic control and stepper motor control

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    Txt 32 8085 traffic control and stepper motor control

    AIM:The main aim of this project is to design a Traffic light controller using 8085 microprocessor.

    The 8085 Microprocessor is a popular Microprocessor used in Industries for various applications. Such as traffic light control, temperature control, stepper motor control, etc. In this project, the traffic lights are interfaced to Microprocessor system through buffer and ports of programmable peripheral Interface 8255. So the traffic lights can be automatically switched ON/OFF in desired sequence. The Interface board has been designed to work with parallel port of Microprocessor system.

    Please find the Hi-level circuit diagrams in the DOC file attached..

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    Re: 8085 traffic control and stepper motor control

    can i get the circuit diagram of this project?????

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