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Thread: USB & Firewire - Media Connectors & Modes of Transmission - Seminar Presentations

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    Pdf 32 USB & Firewire - Media Connectors & Modes of Transmission - Seminar Presentations


    FireWire, originally developed by Apple Computer, Inc is a cross platform implementation of the high speed serial data bus –define by the IEEE 1394-1995 [FireWire 400],IEEE 1394a-2000 [FireWire 800] and IEEE 1394b standards-that move large amounts of data between computers and peripheral devices. Its features simplified cabling, hot swapping and transfer speeds of upto 800 megabits per second. FireWire is a highspeed serial input/output (I/O) technology for connecting peripheral devices to a computer or to each other. It is one of the fastest peripheral standards ever developed and now, at 800 megabits per second (Mbps), its even faster.

    Based on Apple-developed technology, FireWire was adopted in 1995 as an official industry standard (IEEE 1394) for crossplatform peripheral connectivity. By providing a high-bandwidth, easy-touse I/O technology, FireWire inspired a new generation of consumer electronics devices from many companies, including Canon, Epson, HP, Iomega, JVC, LaCie, Maxtor, Mitsubishi, Matsu****a (Panasonic), Pioneer, Samsung, Sony and Texas Instruments. Products such as DV camcorders, portable external disk drives and MP3 players like the Apple iPod would not be as popular as they are today with-out FireWire.

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