Abstract-- This present century is full of inventions and discovery, which lead to the invention of many sophisticated things. The more the things are the more the security is needed. This has lead to the invention of many security items. The information age is quickly revolutionizing the way transactions are completed. Every day actions are increasingly being handled electronically, Instead of with pencil and paper or face to face. This growth in electronic transactions has resulted in a greater demand fast and accurate user identification and authentication. Biometric technology is a way to achieve fast, user-friendly authentication with a high level of accuracy.

While the word “pattern matching using biometrics” sounds very new and “high-tech” in technical terms, It is the automated technique of measuring a physical characteristic or personal trait of an individual and comparing that characteristic or trait to a database for the purposes of recognizing an individual. This report will highlight some of the popular methods, multimodal biometrics, some of the benefits of using this system for authentication, performance metrics and emerging applications in day to day life