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Thread: Seminar Report on Nokia Morph Technology

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    Pdf 32 Seminar Report on Nokia Morph Technology


    In business a product could have a shorter life if it can't win the hearts of people and showcase new technology, so take the case of Nokia, who is coming up with the Nokia Morph flexible mobile phone which the company claims include nanotechnology and would immensely benefit its end-users. The main benefit of Nanotechnology is that its components are flexible, transparent and extremely strong. The company believes this latest technology would be a distinctive phone by 2015, but a few technical glitches
    remained to be solved, like the use of new battery materials etc.

    Nokia morph is a joint technology concept, developed by nokia research center (NRC) and the University of Cambridge (UK). The morph demonstrate how future mobile device might be stretchable and flexible, allowing the user to transform their mibile devices into radically different shaped . It demonstrate the ultimately that nanotechnology might be capable of delivering: flexible material, transparent electrononcs and selfcleaning surface.

    Nanotechnology enables materials and components that are flexible,stretchable, transparent and remarkably strong. Fibril proteins are woven into three dimensional mesh that reinforces thin elastic structures.Using the same principle behind spider silk, this elasticity enables the device to literally changes shapes and configure itself to adapt to the task at hand.

    The full report is attached.

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    Re: Seminar Report on Nokia Morph Technology

    Its good, but can you tell me the password to convert to word and I can use it.Kudos

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