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Thread: MBA After B. Tech?

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    MBA After B. Tech?

    MBA always a better option to choose for a bright career but is it right to choose MBA after doing B. Tech. degree??

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    Re: MBA After B. Tech?

    Why the delimma ? If you are interested in MBA, go for it. However, decide which specialization is best for you (based on your interests) - Marketing, HR, Finance, Systems etc.

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    Chat Re: MBA After B. Tech?

    MBA is the “in” degree these days and the jobs that you get after the completion of the degree you can apply for a job in the administrative departments of the various fields in the organization. These jobs are considered to be the prime jobs of the organization. This is not really the truth but yes, the job does have a slightly glamorous touch to it and the media has been projecting these jobs as all the more glitzy as the pay packages and the perks are shown to be much more. This is the main reason why students are enticed to go in for an MBA after the completion of their B.Tech.

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    Re: MBA After B. Tech?

    if u are interested in mba to develop u'r entrepreneur skills join in this project u wanna be a FE(faadooengineers) associate of u'r college and earn in u'r college life then wat r u waiting for check this link and if u are interested in this just message me u'r details i will contact u .......

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