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ow to send a voice mail to your friend using Windows XP

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E-mail is a most popular and effective way to communicate with others through the internet. You can send documents, pictures and other types of files to any destination but the interesting thing is that you can send also your voice in a mail by attaching the file with e-mail. In windows XP, you can record your voice using Sound Recorder and a microphone options.

Follow the given steps to record your voice in windows XP:
To use this feature, you will need to be logged into your computer with administrative rights.
To start recording process, first make sure you have attached a microphone to your computer.

First click on Start button> All programs> Accessories> click Entertainment and then click on Sound Recorder option.

Now a small "Sound - Sound Recorder" will appear, go to File menu and click on New to start a new file for recording.
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Click on Record button to start recording process and start talking then click on Stop button to stop the recording.

Now click on File menu to save this file with .wav extension to a folder of your choice.

Now send this voice file as an attachment via e-mail message to your friends.