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Thread: I want to run "IOS 10.6" on windows or linux

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    Hey all PLese help me out with IOS. I want to run "IOS 10.6" on windows or linux. So is there any way to run IOS on Windows or Linux. Coz I don't have APPLE

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoesphGoicoecheax View Post
    hello, i am new to these discussion forum. Seriously happy to participate this remarkable online community listed here.
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    Favorite 32 IOS 10.6 on windows or linux

    To run "IOS 10.6" you need the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, you also need BCA (Boot Camp Assistant), This utility will create a new partition for the installation of Windows. In this case, make sure you run the BCA first when the computer boots up to avoid file errors.

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