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Thread: Outline of Current Affairs for Discussion

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    Doc 32 Outline of Current Affairs for Discussion

    Outline of Current Affairs for Discussion


    • Political Instability
    • Economy – sliding down
    • factors responsible – like stagnation
    • from 2nd to 3rd position in nominal GDP terms
    • may lose 3rd position to India in PPP GDP terms
    • disputes over islands with (a) Russia and (b) China

    Korean Peninsula

    • Brief overview of historic dispute with North Korea
    • Advent of Communism versus Democratic South
    • Korean War (1950-53)
    • Brief overview of dictatorship in the North, new leadership, economic position
    • Contrast North’s economy with the South’s dynamic economy
    • Recent shelling by North of South’s Yeonpyeong island


    • Since China will be covered comprehensively as part of a presentation, I suggest that you focus on a few factors like –
    • Current economic status – FDI
    • Political status – new leaders on the horizon
    • Relationship with Taiwan
    • -ve relationship with India and other neighbours (like Vietnam)
    • +ve relationship with Pak and other neighbours (like Myanmar)
    • Cyber attacks

    Central Asia

    • Brief overview of political volatility in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan
    • Power tussle between Russia and the U.S.
    • Potential black market for dirty bomb

    Tejas LCA
    India in the UNSC
    Telangana issue
    Microfinance industry, esp., in Andhra Pradesh
    Demand or Cost based?
    Measures taken
    IPL (just make a mention; ask students to be updated with names of franchisees and owners, major and expensive players involved)
    Any other issue that the FM may deem fit for discussion.

    Pakistan & Afghanistan
    v Since there would be special focus on these nations through the presentation on Global Terrorism, I suggest that you talk about political leadership and its efforts to wage the war on terror
    v Nexus between the ISI, Pak Army and terror groups
    v Tension over blasphemy law (like the killing of Salman Taseer)

    v Nuclear program
    v Conservatives versus Moderates
    v Sakineh Ashtiani case

    v Newly formed govt with old faces
    v Shia militancy – The Moqtada factor

    v Settlements in West Bank
    v Humanitarian crisis in Gaza Strip
    v PLA versus Hamas
    v Moshe Katzav case

    v Lebanese religious-political setup
    v Current political instability – role of Hezbollah
    v The Rafiq Hariri assassination case
    v Iranian influence over Hezbollah

    v Unique polity – role of military & judiciary
    v EU aspirations
    v Diplomatic tussle with Israel over aid-boat raid
    v Historic issue with Armenia over WWI genocide
    The FM should spend 15 min on rest of Asia, especially on Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Yemen, and Myanmar.


    v Hosni Mubarak versus Islamists
    v Questions over succession
    v Coptic Christians versus Islamists

    v Factors that triggered the fall of Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali
    v Economy – Oil dependence
    v Riots between Christians & Muslims

    v Darfur genocide – Janjaweed – Arab versus Non-Arab tussle
    v South Sudan independence referendum
    v Energy reserves – India and China

    v New Al-Qaeda haven
    v Al-Shabab radicals
    v Piracy

    The FM should spend 10 min on rest of Africa, especially on South Africa (football and fragile polity), DRC, and Rwanda.


    v The Berlusconi Saga
    v Economy in the dumps

    v Economy back on tracks
    v Failure of Multiculturism
    v Coalition govt
    v Harsh economic measures taken recently

    The FM should spend 15 min on rest of Europe – on the recent suicide bombing in Sweden and fiscal measures including bailouts in Ireland and Portugal.

    v Dangerous anti-drug war
    v Illegal migrants into U.S.

    v Fragile economic recovery
    v Gabrielle Gifford shooting incident
    v Relations with China

    South America
    v Change of guard in Brazil – Lula succeeded by Dilma
    v Socialist backtracking in Bolivia
    v Colombia versus Venezuela

    The FM should spend 7-10 min on Australia (Ashes, floods, political leadership) and New Zealand (Anand Satyanand and mining accident episode).

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    Moved to the General Knowledge section!

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    Re: Outline of Current Affairs for Discussion

    In IAS 2011 exam, very little GK was there and G>K? section was so difficult that i hardly attempted 30 questions....

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    Re: Outline of Current Affairs for Discussion

    IAS exam is indeed very tough but preparing well in advance, reading lots of books on general knowledge will make your preparation easier. If you could have read lots of books, magazines and remained up to date on the current happenings you could have easily attempted those GK questions in the IAS exam.

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