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Thread: Manufacturing Science

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    Pdf 32 Manufacturing Science

    hello friends i have pdf of kalpakjian bt its not getting uploaded .........i don't know why but i think that b/c it is 196 MB
    therefore i hv uploaded another book

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    Re: Manufacturing Science

    sorry its not 196 it is of 104 MB

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    Re: Manufacturing Science

    kindly change it in parts by winrar and then upload each part .after downloading each part every one open it please do this duety

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    Re: Manufacturing Science

    Thanks....very nice reference book.......i liked it...can you please give some more books
    on design of machine elements
    If you like add me on fb:-
    "MG Murugesh"

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    Re: Manufacturing Science

    Any way this helps>>>

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    Re: Manufacturing Science

    plz try to upload kalpak jain

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    Re: Manufacturing Science

    its usefull to my study

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    Re: Manufacturing Science

    pls upload it very much needed

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    Re: Manufacturing Science

    sir for your books

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    Re: Manufacturing Science

    Please email it to me at

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